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This or That Me is unique web app that allows you to pick one answer between This or That in order to find your perfect match. Why would you write about yourself, or read what someone write about themselves, when you actually want to know answers on questions that are actually a deal breaker for you. Be realistic, you don't actually read what everybody writes about themselves? Or maybe you want to know whether someone is a slob right away, before stuff get more serious? Either way, choosing your answer you'll find out are your majority.

This Or That Me gathers questions this or that from all over the internet. We specifically choose questions that are simple and you want to know the answer.

Once you choose an answer by clicking on answer or swiping it, This or That will automatically show you some numbers. The numbers on particular answer represent a percentage of people who answered that particular question (either This or That, both have their percentage). The questions that you have answered will be colored, with red or blue color, whether you are in majority or minority of persons who answered that particular questions.

When you answer thirty (30) questions a possibility of Matching will show itself. You can see how many people answered just like you, or change percentage of the same answers and see what is different. For every person that is a match, you can see which answers match, and its colored green. If you don’t have the same answer, the particular answer will be colored red. Don't let that discourages you. You don’t have to be perfect match.

You can always change your answer, by clicking on "My answers" finding question that you want to alter your answer and simply click on different one.

You even can submit a questions with valuable answers and we'll provide pictures. Our question base is constantly filling up, and we are still making improvements. If you have suggestions or questions you can submit them through mail, messenger, or question box.

Find your This or That match.

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